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Nagios Monitoring

nagios-pic.png Tag1 Consulting offers hosted Nagios monitoring, designed for database servers. We offer monitoring of not just uptime and disk space, but MySQL performance metrics such as InnoDB Buffer Pool Hitrate and MyISAM Index Usage. Our Nagios instance will not only notify you of service impacting problems, but of performance issues and signs that a service failure maybe coming in the future. This is preventative monitoring.

nagios-grid.png With hosted Nagios monitoring, you can offload the headache of maintaining a monitoring server to us. We keep our systems secure, updated and available. Our monitoring server itself is monitored by several other servers to ensure stability.


Our servers are consistently updated to the latest security releases, fully firewalled, running RootKit Hunter and Tripwire. We take security seriously and worry about vulnerabilities, so you don't have to.

Our monitoring server runs only the services needed for Cacti/Nagios and our authentication system. We give only our consultants shell access and have a strict SSH key only policy. Our login pages are SSL protected, to ensure the security of your password.


Who watches the watchmen? Our partners do. We have agreements with multiple partners and even have other Tag1 servers which monitor our monitoring servers. We also have triggers for "expected pages" to our consultants, these are staged service "failures" to test our monitoring system and ensure its continued availability.


We are always improving our monitoring services. We have developed an in-house solution to integrate the Cacti and Nagios authentication systems with our secure Drupal-powered management console. This means that you can safely maintain a single password with a simple and familiar interface, confident that it is never being sent un-encrypted.

Ongoing Improvements

Our management console is becoming more powerful each day. In the upcoming weeks you can look forward to greater and greater control of your Nagios configuration all from our easy to use Drupal-based interface.

Nagios Features

With Nagios you can monitor:

  • Ping (Host Up Check)
  • Disk Check (Disk Usage Warnings)
  • MySQL ISAM Cache
  • MySQL InnoDB Log Buffer
  • MySQL Connect Time
  • MySQL Table Locks
  • MySQL Temp Disk Tables
  • MySQL Thread Cache
  • MySQL Slave Lag
  • MySQL InnoDB Hit Rate
  • MySQL Buffer Waits

Contact Options

Nagios has many options for user alerts. You can have alerts sent via email or SMS Text Message (Cell Phone Paging). We can set alert intervals and time periods. If you would like all non-critical alerts to only be sent during business hours, we can do that. If you would like critical alerts to be sent to different people at different times, we can do that as well. It is a very flexible service and our consultants are experienced in its configuration.

See It In Action

Nagios Host Gridnagios-grid.png

Nagios Histogramnagios-histo.png

Nagios Host Viewnagios-host.png

Nagios Reportsnagios-reports.png

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