Founding Partner/CEO

Jeremy founded Tag1 Consulting in 2007. He has been a contributing core Drupal developer since 2002, and helped establish Drupal as a successful CMS through the early popularity of his personal blog, Over the years, he authored and maintained the core statistics module and throttle module, as well as the pager logic and the initial Drupal 5 installer. He continues to contribute to the Drupal caching layer, offers optimizations to the bootstrap process, and maintains a high performance patchset. He actively maintains numerous Drupal modules including the spam module, the support module, the ad module, and the dba module. Beyond Drupal, Jeremy is a networking guru that has maintained the source code for a UNIX-kernel based, EAL5+ certified, commercial firewall.


Narayan is a co-owner of Tag1 Consulting, who joined the team in 2008. He was introduced to Drupal during his tenure at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab where he was the co-lead system administrator, and served as their Database Administrator of over 180 MySQL databases, the Freenode Server administrator, and the Server Administrator. He is a permanent member of the Drupal Association as their Systems Coordinator, and is a member of the infrastructure team. He is also a co-maintainer of the Pressflow high performance Drupal distribution. Narayan is a co-author of the O'Reilly book High Performance Drupal.

Outside of Drupal, Narayan has been deeply involved in the FreeBSD, Gentoo and Slackware communities. He was a contributing editor and system administrator of a popular Linux community website. As a Google Summer of Code student he developed the KDE front-end to the SUSE System Update server, and became a KDE core committer in 2007. He also ported and updated the XML-RPC system to KDE3 and KDE4.

More recently, he acted as infrastructure lead for the 2.0 re-launch and infrastructure lead for the redesign launch. Narayan is currently Chief Technology Officer at Tag1 Consulting.


If Stanford University had been handing out Social Engineering degrees, Peta Hoyes would have graduated magna cum laude. Instead, she leveraged their Mechanical Engineering program as a launch pad for using technology and digital media to build practical solutions for extraordinary people. The one-time entrepreneur and current manager at Tag1 Consulting has finessed all aspects of the website development process for a diverse client list.

What drives her is making technology transparent and usable; creating highly efficient virtual teams; and furthering the mission of game-changing organizations using open source technology.

While managing Tag1's distributed team of unparalleled performance engineers from her home base in New York City, she likes to say that she optimizes the team who optimizes the machines.


Partner/Senior Infrastructure Architect

Jeff has been involved with open source since 2001. He started using Linux professionally at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he was a Senior Systems Administrator and Programmer for the Computer Science department. From there, he went on to work at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) as the Operations Manager, providing technical and organizational leadership to the OSL while working closely with the many open source projects hosted there, including, the Linux Foundation, and the Apache Software Foundation. Currently, Jeff works as a Senior Performance Engineer and Technical Lead at Tag1 Consulting.

Jeff has extensive infrastructure experience, gained over the years. As the Operations Manager at the OSU Open Source Lab -- the largest open source hosting infrastructure of its kind -- he led the infrastructure and development teams. He is involved in the CentOS Linux build and release process as a member of the QA team; and he works as a volunteer for the infrastructure team. Jeff currently maintains a number of packages for the Fedora Project and Fedora's Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), and serves as the Lead Systems Architect for multiple Tag1 clients.

In addition to serving as Technical Editor and a frequent contributor to Drupal Watchdog Magazine, Jeff is also co-author of High Performance Drupal, written with Narayan Newton and Nathaniel Catchpole.

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Alex first ventured into web site and application development in 1994, pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science as a result, and becoming serious about building LAMP applications while working for the University of Minnesota Morris on their Smashing Magazine featured site redesign post-graduation. He discovered Drupal in 2007 while working for the Great River Regional Library system in central Minnesota, and quickly migrated all of the library's websites. Prior to joining Tag1, he completed an MS in Computer Science and worked for several years as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) and TAM Manager at Acquia, helping some of their largest and most demanding customers optimize Drupal applications and adopt Drupal in new and creative ways.

Alex greatly enjoys making and supporting excellent Drupal sites and working with the Drupal community. He maintains modules, is a member of the Drupal Association, creates training materials, contributes to Drupal core, and enjoys promoting the effective use of Drupal-based solutions for a wide variety of needs. He considers himself an "expert generalist" with a wide breadth of skills across Drupal core, the module space, and Drupal-related tools and infrastructures. He has a particularly deep knowledge of CDN/Akamai integration, Organic Groups, and Feeds.

Outside of Drupal, Alex enjoys iOS development, esoteric board games, and raising two mostly organic children.

Financial Manager

Bob joined Tag1 in 2010 after studying business and accounting at Portland Community College. Since then Tag1 has experienced a considerable amount of growth and Bob has grown right along with it, maintaining an assortment of administrative duties ranging from bookkeeper to human resource manager.

Outside the office Bob enjoys mountain biking, hiking and spending time with his wife and son.

Senior Performance Engineer

Brandon Bergren has been a core Drupal contributor since 2006 and has been implementing and debugging search solutions utilizing Solr since 2011. Brandon is particularly good at debugging complicated software faults, solving performance problems, and providing efficient gatekeeping services.

Senior Performance Engineer

Damian is one of the top Drupal 8 core contributors; who not only maintains the Views and Serialization modules in D8, but also has a strong focus on performance, routing, and plugins. He has contributed to a number of Drupal modules including Views, Memcache, Admin Views, amongst several others. Damian also happens to be an accomplished Ruby developer in a parallel universe to Drupal.

Senior Performance Engineer

Daniel Wehner has been hooked up to Drupal since taking part in the Google Highly Open Participation contest back in 2007. After a small journey through maintaining Views in the contrib world, Daniel has focused on working on various areas of Drupal 8 core, including routing and the request processing layer, as well as the ongoing maintenance of Views.

In his free time he enjoys cooking something nice or just going out for a run. His formal education includes a degree in physics with focus on solving problems with computers.

Senior Performance Engineer

David discovered Drupal in 2007 and began working with it full time in 2008.  He is an active contributor to Drupal core and various contributed modules, a long-time member of the Drupal security team, and in 2012 became branch maintainer for Drupal 7.  Previously he worked at Acquia building Drupal products and services, and at Advomatic building Drupal websites.

David holds degrees in physics and astronomy from Haverford College and Cornell University, and previously worked as a professional astronomer, but a passion for science education and public outreach and a lingering habit of building websites on those topics eventually led him to a Drupal career.  He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, and enjoys hiking, bird watching, and being outdoors in the Pennsylvania mountains.

Account Manager

Donna Benjamin is an Account Manager in the Drupal Watchdog team at Tag1 Consulting and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Donna chairs the Drupal Community Working Group and is a member of the board of the Drupal Association. 

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Doug is a 25 year veteran of software development. Doug is recognized as an expert in the Drupal community for inventing the coder.module (a static code flow analysis tool used by almost every Drupal developer), for his contributions to the Drupal core search module, and for his work in helping pioneer the use of the NoSQL database MongoDB with Drupal. Doug has given presentations at over half a dozen DrupalCon's on all of the above topics and more.

Doug was a key member of the team that built, the largest dynamic Drupal website built to date. His efforts as Release Manager is recognized to have helped the site launch months earlier than it might have done so otherwise. Doug published an article in Drupal Watchdog magazine about his ideas and experience in this role.

Doug has specialized in creating interpretive languages, on creating development tools that help other developers, on the development process itself, and on internet technologies. He believes software is functional art and infuses this belief in all his projects.

Long before Drupal, Doug contributed to the internet as early as 1985 with an internet protocol used by Scientists at Univerisities, he graduated from Cornell Engineering in 1986, was an Air Force officer through the late eighties, has an MBA, and was an entrepreneur of several small businesses over the next twenty years.


Dylan has worked as a project manager and digital media producer since 1993, working in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. He began working with open source software in 2004 while leading a migration to Drupal at an environmental nonprofit. In 2007, he joined Advomatic, a Drupal consulting firm, as Director of Development, managing their dev team, services, and clients. In September 2014, he joined Tag1 Consulting as a manager. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two children.

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Fabian enjoys architecting large websites for Universities, Non-Profits and Startups. He has done innovative work in terms of Scalability and High Performance for Drupal and Mobile Development. He is in general passionate about everything Open Source since GNU was born, which as it happens, is the same day as his birthday.

Fabian is always up to a challenge and has been an active Contributor to Drupal since 2009. He has spoken at DrupalCon Denver, DrupalCon Munich and DrupalCon Portland. In 2012 he started the work to get Twig into Core together with Jen Lampton and succeeded just 30 days after he learned about the project - thanks to a ton of pre-work by the community! Now he is the Technical Lead of the Twig initiative and and helps with other contributions to core and he is just loving it.

Interests: High Performance, High Availability, Twig, Drupal (of course), Open Source and Salsa-Dancing

Senior Performance Engineer

Francesco has been working on Drupal core since 2009. After rewriting the language negotiation and content translation systems in Drupal 7, he became core maintainer for both subsystems in Drupal 7 and 8. During the Drupal 8 lifecycle he has become one of the top contributors of the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative, as well as one of the most active contributors to the new Entity system, with foundational work on the storage, form and translation subsystems. He is also the author of the Entity Translation and Title modules.

Before joining Tag1 Consulting, Francesco ran his own web agency for 7 years in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, where he lives. His formal education includes a Master's degree in Computer Science at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice with a thesis on network cryptography. When he is not losing sleep on Drupal core, you can find him drinking beer, playing bass, practicing judo and equitably shin-kicking people while playing soccer.

Senior Performance Engineer

Gerhard Killesreiter has been a core Drupal contributor since 2002. He authored the original groups module, has improved the Drupal caching layer, and rewrote several of the Drupal locale and revisions subsystems. He was the core Drupal 4.7 maintainer from February of 2006 through February of 2008. He has been a member of the Drupal security team since it was created, and has served as the Drupal Association Infrastructure Manager since 2006.


Senior Performance Engineer

Greg caught the technology bug as a teen while playing with 300-baud modems, bulletin boards, and hacking Pascal and BASIC on a TRS-80.

After a foray into live television, he has been working professionally on telecommunications infrastructure and system administration since 1996. He joined the OSU Open Source Lab in 2006 where he engineered and managed a large online learning infrastructure and worked with many large open source projects including,, and

Since 2012, Greg has provided engineering and technical leadership on several large federal government and nonprofit projects, including two top-level .gov domains. In addition, Greg has served as mentor and organization administrator for the Google Summer of Code since 2006.

Senior Performance Engineer

Jacine has been working on websites since 2004, primarily with Drupal since 2006. She was among the top 50 contributors to Drupal 7, maintained the core Markup and CSS components, and authored two in-depth chapters on Drupal theme development in The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7. She also helped out early in the Drupal 8 development cycle, leading the effort to update Drupal's code to HTML5 standards.

She enjoys making clients happy and takes pride in crafting websites that are beautiful, accessible and efficient.


Senior Performance Engineer | Edge Case Specialist

Károly Négyesi, better known in Drupal circles as ChX, has been a Drupal core contributor since 2004. He contributed more patches to core than anyone else and consequently maintains the most core subsystems -- no less than seven. He was the first leader of the security team and is on the team ever since. After scaling to a Top 500 site by constructing one of the first Drupal-CDN integrations, he met his first real scalability challenge by architecting SCAN, a predictive newsdesk tool for discovering news events before they become mainstream and then following them using sources like Twitter and CNN. For SCAN, he was using MongoDB, a NoSQL database, before the word NoSQL even existed. He was the senior software architect for the re-launched, one of the largest Drupal sites which also based on MongoDB.

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Marco Molinari has been using Drupal since version 4. He is the author of the taxonomy module, one of the features that has distinguished Drupal from its competitors. He has also authored many other modules including the original forum, image, private message and banner modules, and made several contributions to the core including performance and security patches, improvements to the comment system and localization and new user hooks. He uses Drupal to run one of the most popular Italian humor sites, working as author, developer and system administrator.

Senior Front End Performance Engineer

With over 10 years in the web development industry, Mark knows how to take design and user concepts and turn them into web reality. Always on the cutting edge of new and innovative web technology, Mark strives for nothing but pure excellence. From detailed and highly-usable interfaces to jaw-dropping and visually stunning designs, you can expect nothing more short of absolute perfection from Mark.

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Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Nathaniel Catchpole has been using Drupal since version 4.5, and has been a regular contributor to Drupal core since 2006; along with extensive code profiling, he has contributed over 400 patches to the Drupal 7 release. He also maintains the core entity, cache and taxonomy subsystems, as well as the memcache and entity cache contributed projects. In September 2011, Nathaniel became branch maintainer for Drupal 8. Nathaniel is a co-author of the O'Reilly book High Performance Drupal. He has been with Tag1 Consulting since September 2010.

Senior Performance Engineer

Nedjo has been a Drupal contributor since 2003, focused often on the nonprofit sector. His several Drupal core contributions over the years include the theme region system and Javascript behaviors. Nedjo has led Drupal development projects for clients including Sony Music and the Smithsonian Institute and currently is technical lead for the Drupal distribution Open Outreach.

Senior Performance Engineer

Randy is a long-time Linux lover, developer, and Drupal addict. He's done everything from TRS-80 and Apple ][ development through Solaris kernel work in 'C' to Drupal 7 core development and the Examples project. All along he's loved servers, networking and reliable, predictable best practices, so infrastructure and DevOps are now his focus.

In his spare time he does lots of mountain biking and hiking in beautiful western Colorado.  His formal education includes a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Sam Boyer is Senior Performance Engineer for Tag1 Consulting. Besides numerous site builds, he was an initiative co-lead for Drupal 8, architected the Git hosting platform that runs, and worked extensively on Panels and CTools. He strives to reduce Drupal’s rampant complexity through devops, testing, and software architecture best practices.

Senior Performance Engineer

Théodore started working with Drupal at university and started contributing soon after. His first contributions were to mapping-related modules such as geofield, geocoder, ctools, and the OpenLayers module, which he maintained for some time. He then focused on Drupal 8 by taking maintainership of JavaScript in Drupal core, helping the WYSIWYG effort, and maintaining the Quickedit and Toolbar modules.