Founded by Jeremy Andrews in 2007, Tag1 Consulting, Inc. is a distinguished professional consulting company headquartered in the United States, with an international presence providing computer consulting services worldwide. We focus on performance and scalability consulting in the entire LAMP stack, specializing in Drupal performance.  We also offer Drupal 6 Long Term support through our hosted Tag1 Quo service.

Tag1 is a virtual company of 27 engineers and project managers, distributed throughout the United States, European Union, and Canada. Our developers include the security team members as well as maintainers of Drupal 8 and the Drupal Memcache Module. We currently employ both major infrastructure leads for and its subsites. 

We were the lead engineers on the first large-scale Drupal 7 deployment, Our clients include Symantec, Acquia, Blackmesh, ConsumerSearch (, Network For Good, ITV, Zinch, ParentsClick, and many more. We work with a wide range of organizations, from large corporations and governments to not-for-profits and growing startups. 

Although a lot of our clients first reach out to us during an emergency — when their websites were down or otherwise overloaded by a surge in traffic — our favorite success stories entail creating a properly designed and deployed scalable infrastructure from the get-go. We prefer to collaborate rather than consult; we look at every engagement as an opportunity to share expertise. Our ethos is to be open.

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