Consulting Services

Tag1 provides expert insight into performance, HA, configuration management, security, infrastructure management, disaster recovery, and Drupal development. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Caching with Memcache, Varnish, opcode caches, Authcache, Nginx, and Boost.
  • Database scaling and performance including MySQL and No-SQL (such as MongoDB).
  • Drupal architectural planning, development, and optimization.
  • Infrastructure design and implementation including cloud services.
  • Load balancing and High Availability for web, media, and database servers using LVS and Heartbeat.
  • Load testing including ab, Seige and JMeter.
  • Security audits for code and infrastructure
  • Workflow optimization gatekeeping and change management with tools such as Git, Jenkins, Bazaar, Aegir, Hudson, & Drush


Tag1 Quo

Tag1 Quo is a Long Term Support product that takes the pain and confusion out of managing end-of-life Drupal 6 security updates and patches by monitoring your site for you, reporting back update status of all your modules and themes, with links to outstanding updates and security patches tested by our team of experts.

High Performance Drupal

An essential, comprehensive guide to designing Drupal’s supporting infrastructure and scalability, as well as improving Drupal website performance. Published by O'Reilly Media, written by Tag1's Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, and Nathaniel Catchpole.


Tag1 has a commitment to Free and Open Source Software. Some of our notable contributions include:

Drupal Contributions

Tag1 employees regularly contribute to Drupal core and maintain various contributed modules on Our team includes 3 members of Drupal's security team. We also employ many of Drupal's infrastructure maintainers, responsible for the intricate software stack that runs

Pressflow Contributions

For years Tag1 has contributed patches to improve speed and scalability of this high-performance distribution of Drupal. Many of these improvements have made it into Drupal 7's core.

MongoDB Cacti Graphs

While working on we expanded our monitoring setup to include MongoDB, which is used heavily for Examiner's speed and size requirements.