Tag1 has built a reputation on saving websites for companies across the globe. With our audit, gatekeeping, and rescue services, we ensure your company's website performs at its "peak"—always.

Emergency Support & Rescue
When your site is down and you need it up—yesterday. Our Tech Crisis Team gets you the immediate support you need and results you can trust.
Preventative Gatekeeping
Lead your team to success with a little help from ours. Expert review of every push—code review and feedback to mitigate risk on critical or complex projects.
Comprehensive Performance Audits
Our diagnostics identify performance issues and prevent websites from going into crisis mode before launch.
Infrastructure Audits
Be prepared for growth. Minimize risk and highlight potential future downtime.
Security Audits
Our audits to help you right the ship. Security is private business. Trust us to be sensitive.

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Jeremy Andrews

Founding Partner/CEO

Narayan Newton


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Jeff Sheltren

Partner/Senior Infrastructure Architect

Alex Jarvis

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Bob Williams

Financial Manager

Brandon Bergren

Senior Performance Engineer

Damian Lee

Senior Performance Engineer

Daniel Wehner

Senior Performance Engineer

David Rothstein

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Doug Green

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Dylan Clear


Fabian Franz

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Francesco Placella

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Greg Lund-Chaix

Senior Performance Engineer

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Károly Négyesi

Senior Performance Engineer | Edge Case Specialist

Marco Molinari

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Mark Carver

Senior Front End Performance Engineer

Nathaniel Catchpole

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Nedjo Rogers

Senior Performance Engineer

Théodore Biadala

Senior Performance Engineer

Latest blog posts

Mark Carver

Introducing a new, easy to use, Drupal 8 module for background images: If your site is designed around utilizing background images, then this module is for you! Whether you need a surgical implementation that only administrators/developers can implement or provide the ability to allow users to attach their own background images to entities, this module has you covered.

Narayan Newton is a great tool for applying load in a controlled manner and measuring response. However, historically speaking nobody has really cared about a solo locust. They just aren't that concerning in the singular. Likewise, load applied from a single point to a moderately complicated infrastructure is both easy to block (or rate limit) and also not very representative of a real world situation. (Aside from the people you inevitably end up talking to who...

Narayan Newton

Apache JMeter and I have a long and complicated relationship. It is definitely a trusted and valuable tool, but I am also quite confident that certain parts of it will make an appearance in my particular circle of hell. Due to this somewhat uncomfortable partnership, I am always interested in new tools for applying load to an infrastructure and monitoring the results. is not exactly a new tool, but I have only recently begun...

Sam Boyer

After a long hiatus, we're back! When we left off last fall, we were looking at the mechanics of version comparison. In this post, we'll get into more practical matters: the approach we actually took to building out Tag1 Quo's version management system. When we started working on Quo, we knew that we were going to lean heavily on versions for pretty much all aspects of the system’s functionality. Many of the individual requests arriving...