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We are a Drupal-focused consulting firm specializing in performance and scalability for the entire software stack running your website (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). We focus on scalability using tools such as Varnish, APC, Memcached, load balancers, high availability clustering, integration with CDNs, infrastructure design and deployment, networked file systems, Solr, cloud services and more.

Performance and scalability consulting for the entire LAMP stack.

Drupal 6 Long Term Support, Centralized security updates for Drupal websites.

We wrote the book on Drupal performance and scalability!

We developed Cacti performance graphs for MongoDB.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Andrews

Founding Partner/CEO

Narayan Newton


Peta Hoyes


Jeff Sheltren

Partner/Senior Infrastructure Architect

Alex Jarvis

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Bob Williams

Financial Manager

Brandon Bergren

Senior Performance Engineer

Damian Lee

Senior Performance Engineer

Daniel Wehner

Senior Performance Engineer

David Rothstein

Senior Performance Engineer

Doug Green

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Dylan Clear


Fabian Franz

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Francesco Placella

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Greg Lund-Chaix

Senior Performance Engineer

June Gregg


Károly Négyesi

Senior Performance Engineer | Edge Case Specialist

Marco Molinari

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Mark Carver

Senior Front End Performance Engineer

Nathaniel Catchpole

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Nedjo Rogers

Senior Performance Engineer

Sam Boyer

Senior Performance Engineer | Technical Lead

Théodore Biadala

Senior Performance Engineer

Latest blog posts

Sam Boyer

When we left off last time , we’d assembled a definition of what versions are. Now, we’re going to dive into how we use them in Tag1 Quo : comparing them to one another! The general goal is straightforward enough: we want to know if, say, 6.x-1.0 is less than 6.x-1.1 . (Yup!) Or if 6.x-1.0-alpha1 is less than 6.x-1.0 . (Also yup!) Let’s rewrite these two examples as tuple comparisons: {6,1,0,4,0,0} < {6,1,1,4,0,0} =...

Sam Boyer

When Tag1 decided to build Tag1 Quo , we knew there was one question we’d have to answer over, and over, and over again: is there a security update available for this extension? Answering that question - at scale, for many websites, across many extensions, through all the possible versions they might have - is the heart of what Quo does. The problem seems simple enough, but doing it at such scale, for “all” versions,...

Greg Lund-Chaix

Recently, we were working with one of our clients to diagnose high load on their web servers. We traced the cause of the load to an opcache_reset() call used after code deploys as a way of preventing the PHP OpCache from overfilling as new code was deployed to the servers. The issue was due to (and resolved by) bug #72590 , but troubleshooting the problem prompted us to look at ways to non-intrusively restart PHP-FPM....

Randy Fay

Long Term Support for Drupal 6 might be my favorite new feature included in Drupal 8. (I know, that might be stretching things for the fundamentally awesome step forward that Drupal 8 is, but bear with me.) Long Term Support for Drupal 6 If you're like me, you have loved the power of building websites for people that expose their ideas or services to the world. If you're like me, you've ended up "owning" a...