Tag1 Consulting always enjoys sharing useful knowledge with other Drupal developers in addition to our clients. Three of Tag1's employees, Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, and Nathaniel Catchpole, have compiled our expertise and hard learned lessons into a book, High Performance Drupal. The book is an essential, comprehensive guide to designing Drupal’s supporting infrastructure and scalability, as well as a handbook for improving Drupal website performance.

This book provides the sophisticated Drupal user with a daily source-book for ideas and guidance in deploying a high-performance Drupal site, as well as a cover-to-cover read and reference manual for the beginner and intermediate user. It includes coverage of MySQL configuration and troubleshooting, infrastructure design and best-practice approaches for large websites, using reverse proxies (such as Varnish) to speed up Drupal sites, and alternate search technologies such as Apache Solr for faster and more configurable site searches.

High Performance Drupal is available for purchase directly from O'Reilly.