Are you a startup in need of technical help beyond your bandwidth? Having a hard time finding a suitable hosting provider or sizing your hosting environment? No need to worry. Tag1's Infrastructure Audit looks at everything that supports and manages your IT systems—your workflow, hardware, network and security. We thoroughly examine and elevate your infrastructure's integrity, so your enterprise is poised for further growth.

Who benefits the most?

Tag1's Infrastructure Audits are pivotal for high-transaction volume networks with critical operations. They provide peace of mind in highly regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and government organizations. From disaster recovery planning to performance troubleshooting, Tag1 will provide a roadmap for your system's high availability.

We start collecting and evaluating evidence right away.

These repeatable processes ensure infrastructure best practices are met.

  • The best set-up—use the right tools for data collection.
  • In-depth analysis—review collected data to gain insight.
  • Reach home base—establish a performance baseline.
  • Expert recommended actions—make actionable improvements.